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STEAM Workshops

Workshops are group programs designed to enhance classroom curriculum with hands-on examples of learning by doing. Most workshops are flexible for groups that are learning at home or meeting in-person. A wide range of workshop topics cover different subjects and grade ranges. We’re here to help inspire your class with fun science activities that spark curiosity and motivate learning. We will prioritize socially-distant teamwork or individual hands-on challenges. All workshops are NGSS aligned and can be tailored to the needs of your group. 


Most workshops are offered virtually or in-person!

Virtual: The workshop is tailored to work with students who are distance learning. 

In-person: Mobius Educators travel to a classroom or group.

Owl Pellet Dissection
Grades K-5
Virtual or In-person
Ever wonder what happens after an owl enjoys a tasty meal? Learn about this silent hunter and the critters they call dinner by piecing together the bones, feathers, and fur that you find when you dig into owl pellets with us!


Grades K-3
Virtual or In-person
How do flowers make seeds? Why are bees so important for growing fruits and vegetables? Explore the dynamic relationship between flowers and pollinators!

Structural Engineering 
Grades 3-12
Virtual or In-person
What do the Eiffel Tower, a skyscraper, and the Burj Khalifa have in common? They are all towers! Using design, your own creativity, and a little trial and error, you will build different types of towers while learning the principles of engineering!


Wrecking Ball
Grades K-2
In-person only

What structures can withstand the swing of a wrecking ball? Students will experiment with the strength and direction of pushes and pulls in this introduction to forces and motion.

pH Lab
Grades 3-12
In-person Only
In this lab, students will learn the pH properties of acids and bases, test various household materials, and create a vibrant rainbow display of the full pH spectrum.

Solar System
Grades K-8
In-person Only
Adventure in and around our solar system and discover all the objects that are neighbors to our Earth. Building a satellite to help you explore our solar system!



STEAM workshops are $350 for each 1-hour program. Additional workshops are $250 in the same day.

Group Size

Maximum of 20 students per classroom. Additional students are $8 each. 

Length of Workshops

STEAM Workshops are 1 hour long.


To schedule a workshop scroll down to contact us! Schedule in advance for best date and time selection. 


Payment is required on the day of the STEAM Workshop. If you will be using a Purchase Order, please mention that at time of scheduling. *Mobius memberships, complimentary passes, and/or coupons are not valid for STEAM Workshops.


Submit this form to schedule or inquire about a workshop. We’ll email or call you back soon!

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