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3rd Grade
Engineering Workshop

Students will learn the principles of engineering with this experience designed specifically to meet 3rd grade Next Generation Science Standards.

3rd Grade Engineering Workshop

This workshop can take place at Mobius Discovery Center or at your location!

Students put their 3rd grade engineering skills to the test by working in groups to complete two hands-on engineering challenges! In the first challenge, students will become structural engineers using Dots candy and toothpicks to construct bridges. In the second challenge, students will become environmental engineers and create a water management system to divert a flood.


Students will receive a science journal to document their ideas, which includes discussion questions for continued teacher-student learning in the classroom. Each student will receive a free pass to visit Mobius Discovery Center in the future!


NGSS Standards: ETSS1-1, ETS1-2, ETS1-3, ESS3-1, PS2-2
Environmental and Sustainability: Standards 2 and 3

At Mobius

Length: 2 Hours, includes 2 different engineering challenges and 30 minutes of exhibit floor exploration

Cost: $14 per student

Number of students: 25 students maximum per workshop

Schedule Availability: 10am – 12pm, let us know if you need a different time frame

Payment: Payment is required the day of the scheduled experience. If you will be using a Purchase Order, please mention that at time of scheduling. *Mobius memberships, complimentary passes, and/or coupons are not valid. 

At your location

Length: 2 Hours, includes 2 different engineering challenges

Cost: $275 for initial workshop

Additional Workshops: $175 for an additional workshop on the same day, maximum 2 workshops per day (4 hours total)

Number of students: 25 students maximum per workshop (max 50 students per day if additional workshop added)

Payment: Invoices will be provided on day of visit. If you will be using a Purchase Order, please mention that at time of scheduling. 

Scheduling + Inquiries

Submit this form to schedule or inquire about a 3rd Grade Engineering Workshop. We’ll email or call you back soon!
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