Temporarily Closed
Temporarily Closed


Every membership strengthens the foundation of Mobius, and builds a community of lifelong learners. Your membership ensures the vitality of our exhibits and programs for years to come. 

An update regarding memberships...

As of now, membership sales are suspended until we reopen.

Thank you if you renewed or purchased a membership during our temporary closure, your support means the world to us!


We love our members and even though our reopening date is undetermined, we are working hard to make sure we are ready for you to learn, play, and create at Mobius.

Memberships are not refundable. 

We can't wait to see you at the new Mobius Discovery Center!

All children’s museum, science center, and dual memberships will be converted to Mobius Discovery Center memberships. To learn more about our consolidation, click here.


Thank you for your support during this time, and thank you in advance for your patience as it will take us a bit to get used to our new normal upon reopening. Together we are stronger!

Membership Extensions

If you were an ACTIVE member on 3/16/20, your membership will be extended one day for every day of our temporary closure. This extension will take effect upon reopening. You will use your existing membership cards when checking in, and your new expiration date will be noted in our system.


If you purchased a NEW membership during our temporary closure, your membership will become active the day we reopen. Upon reopening, it may take a couple weeks to receive membership cards in the mail. If you wish to visit before receiving new cards just present your ID at check in.


If you RENEWED your membership during our temporary closure there are few scenarios that are dependent on your membership expiration date:

  • If your membership expired/lapsed before 3/16/20, your renewed membership will become effective for one full year on the day we reopen.
  • If your membership expiration date falls after our reopen date (not between 3/16/20 and reopening), we will extend your membership one day for every day that we are closed, plus one full year.
  • If your membership expiration date is between 3/16/20 and our reopening date – your membership will be extended one day for every day that we are closed – up to your expiration date, plus one full year.

Please note: These extensions will happen once we know our reopen date.

If you have any questions regarding your membership, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen Hudson, CEO at khudson@mobiusspokane.org or 509.321.7125.

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