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[ STEM + Art = STEAM ]

Ignite imagination while experimenting with hands-on kits! Kits cover a variety of STEAM topics; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. Kits come complete with instructions and supplies, and are designed for kids and families to do at home together.

For questions, please contact info@mobiusspokane.org

Members: $13 per kit
Nonmembers: $16 per kit

*Shipping is free! Ships in 3-5 business days. 


Valentine's Day Kit
All Ages

Hey all you love bugs, order your Valentine STEAM Kit to create themed crafts and activities to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Kit includes supplies to do a Valentine-Slime experiment and supplies to make an adorable love bug, a Bear-y cute Valentine card, a cotton ball painting project, and a love-ly dinosaur picture!

Each kit is $20, with free shipping. Ordering will close at 5pm on February 8th. 

All Ages

Use this kit to engineer your own igloo! 

Space Science
Grades: 3+

Curious about space? Learn about our solar system and discover more of what is out there! 

Structural Engineering
Grades: 3+

What does it take to build a tall tower that can stand strong? Put your engineering skills to the test. 

Fantastic Contraptions
All Ages

Become an engineer, build and test your own exciting contraptions. 

Flower Dissection
All Ages

Learn all the parts of a flower and how they make new flowers in this at-home flower dissection. 

Owl Pellet Dissection  
All Ages

Ever wonder what an owl eats? Dig into this owl pellet activity and find out. Plus, make an owl puppet and a pinecone owl!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Grades: PreK – 2

Create your own farmers hat and farm animal puppets!

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