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[ STEM + Art = STEAM ]

Ignite imagination while experimenting with hands-on kits! Kits cover a variety of STEAM topics; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. Kits come complete with instructions and supplies, and are designed for kids and families to do at home together.

For questions or bulk orders, please contact [email protected]

Members: $17 per kit
Nonmembers: $20 per kit

Seasonal/holiday kits may differ in pricing. 
Shipping is free! Ships in 3-5 business days.

All Ages with Adult Guidance

Become a mad scientist by experimenting with a glowing bubble potion, constructing a Frankenstein launcher, and making a bat fly! Get crafty while making a wobbly monster puppet, floating ghost, a witch’s hat toss game, and more! You’ll be ready to decorate your house for Halloween with all the hands-on crafts included in this Halloween STEAM Kit!

Each kit is $25. Limited quantity, order while supplies last. 

Solar Eclipse
Kindergarten And Up With Adult Guidance

Celebrate the upcoming eclipse with Sun and Moon themed science activities and crafts! Experiment with solar power, make a sunny bath bomb, create art using the power of the Sun, and much more! Each kit includes a pair of ISO 12312-2 eclipse glasses.

Each kit is $25. Limited quantity, order while supplies last. 

Dinosaurs for Toddlers

Use this dinosaur kit to practice cutting skills, identifying and matching shapes, and mixing colors while creating art with your toddler!

Grades: Kindergarten and up

Become an engineer as you design, build, test, and retest your own cardboard car! Take your engineering even further by applying the engineering design process to build a tower out of playing cards!

Owl Pellet Dissection  
Grades: Kindergarten and up

Become a wildlife biologist and dissect an owl pellet. Discover what owls eat, how owls eat their prey, and why scientists study their diet. Plus, create a crafty owl!

Structural Engineering
Grades: Kindergarten and up

Become a structural engineer and flex your creativity with these building challenges! Learn about constraints as you create a tower out of cards and another out of gumdrops and toothpicks.

Fantastic Contraptions
Grades: Kindergarten and up

Become an engineer by designing and improving different contraptions. Experiment with flight, sound, and wind resistance! As you build, make changes to each contraption to improve its function.

Flower Dissection
Grades: Kindergarten and up

Become a biologist by dissecting a flower. Learn about the anatomy of a flower and about the important relationship between pollinators and flowers. Create art from your dissected flower!

Space Science
Grades: Kindergarten and up

Become an astronomer and map out our solar system, learn about the moon phases, and create a helicopter like the ones scientists use to study Mars! Finally, feel like an astronaut by creating a “stained glass” craft of Earth.

Slime Science
Grades: Kindergarten and up with adult guidance

Become a chemist and conduct experiments to find the best slime recipe! Compare and make observations of four different slimes to determine your favorite! Warning: this kit is messy and VERY fun!

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